Vol. #16: Five 2012 Reflections & One Resolution for 2013

When I started this blog in June, I had great fear that the pressure of “deadlines” (which in reality I realize are an invention of my own making and I imagine only really matter to me anyway) would add stress to the already stressful world of a young mom and public school teacher. Truth be told, I also was skeptical that anyone out there was really interested in what I had to say. However, I couldn’t shake that I wanted to say it, anyway. So here we are.

The nagging worry of not publishing good enough material or often enough was a warranted one. It’s been weeks months since my last post. Eleven drafts sit in my queue, not ready to see the light of day.

And after these first seven months as a blogging educator, I have reflected on the following:

1. Blogging provides me with a clear vision and purpose.   Writing my thoughts (or apparently, even just drafting my thoughts) has resulted in more methodical teaching and more confidence in my purpose. Sharing those thoughts has garnered a growing online PLN. At my own school, topics I’ve blogged about have started conversations with colleagues and my administration.

2. Tagxedo of Topics   Using my URL, tagxedo provides a look at these topics at an artful glance. The more often a word appears on my blog, the larger it appears here:

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 9.24.12 PM

I am pleased to see the topics reflect my passions, however I hope the range of topics will continue to grow in 2013.

3. Growing Pains.   Things you wrote will sometimes later embarrass you, not because they were poorly written or because they do not reflect your best work, but because when re-reading them they show you how much you have changed. Incidentally, this is a good thing and further advocates the power of publishing your thoughts.

4. Recognition is rocky or rocks.   Evidently, posts that you slave over will get little notice and posts you hammer out quickly in a moment of frustration or fairly easily will get lots of visits. In a related note: Recognition for your blog from someone whose opinion you value is really, really cool.

5. Having an Audience is Humbling   I said I started out skeptical that I’d have one. Therefore, I don’t know that I can even speak to how I feel about this map. These are the views of the first fifteen volumes of “Teaching Speaks Volumes” around the world during these first seven months:

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 10.01.18 PM

I… it’s… just… wow.  Completely amazing.

My blogger’s new year’s resolution for 2013?   To blog better and more regularly. Specifically, to not let the task of blogging well turn into blogging perfection paralysis, and therefore not get completed. It’s my ongoing battle: Paralyzing perfectionism. (I warned you early, remember?)


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