Vol.#32: Help Navigating the Road to ELA Common Core

Image Credit: Pixabay User “PublicDomainPictures”

It was about a year ago this very week when I started my journey with four other Kenan Fellows at DPI. My Kenan Fellowship last year was an amazing opportunity; one of tremendous growth in my teaching practice.

The culmination of our work together and our intensive study of the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards [ELA CCSS] is a library of resources which has been created and compiled in order to help other ELA educators to transition their own instruction to the demands of the newly adopted ELA CCSS.

http://center.ncsu.edu/common/downloads/Kenan/home.phpThis library of resources showcases 15 facets of ELA instruction that need scrutiny and/or change with the Common Core. Each of these are presented as a vignette with teachers having a round table discussion, presenting each aspect in action, a written reflection, and possible related resources.

It can be viewed here:


I truly hope this resource is found helpful by other educators implementing the Common Core. I’d love any feedback, questions, or insights you may have in the comments!


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