I love when I find resources from other great educators! Article of the Week Archives   In his book Readicide, Kelly Gallagher suggests having an Article of the Week with students. He does the same, and archives the articles he uses here. Breaking News English   Current Event Articles with lessons and literacy strategies. Perfect for the language arts or social studies classroom.

CybraryMan’s Educational Websites   Over 20,000 links chosen by an educator/author with over 30 years experience.

ELA Common Core State Standards Self Study LiveBinder: The North Carolina Department of Instruction’s LiveBinder of materials for understanding Common Core for English Language Arts.
ELA Resources LiveBinder: The North Carolina Department of Instruction’s LiveBinder of additional resources for Common Core in English Language Arts.  Common Core Discussions:A collection of vignettes around the ELA Common Core State Standards – teachers talking with teachers  Daily writing prompts with visual appeal. Make writing clear with the suggestions on this website.  Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything – Great EdTech website! Another great curation of EdTech resources!

3 thoughts on “Resources”

    1. Hi Paul,

      My second post, “Vol.#2: Measuring My 2¢ On Merit“, was about my experience with this. Basically, it comes down to how you measure teacher effectiveness. Boiling kids down to a bubble-sheet number, and then boiling down what I did with them to that, is a flawed system at best.

      After you read it, feel free to comment & we can discuss there!

      Many Thanks,



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