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Vol.#21: Wake NC State STEM Early College High School

This is the final of four schools from the discussion started in Volume #17 about the County’s various options for parents. 


Our group of forty-four 2013  Kenan Fellows is pretty amazing, but even in this elite company I zeroed in on wanting to visit Carrie Horton immediately. Her school, Wake NC State University STEM Early College High School, as the lengthy title implies, is committed to instruction in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Ms. Horton, like myself, is an English Language Arts teacher. Also like me (probably more so) she is tech-savvy and innovative.

Image Credit: WRAL @ http://wraltechwire.com/business/tech_wire/biotech/blog/7521546/?s=255
Image Credit: WRAL

So, I get the “T”. I’m totally on board with the “T”. But, what about those three other letters? Science, Engineering, and Math… in an English class? What does that look like? I simply had to know. Full disclosure: I wondered how she couldn’t possibly help but be a second class citizen as an ELA teacher in a STEM school.


My first glance could have confirmed my suspicions. Continue reading Vol.#21: Wake NC State STEM Early College High School